Prof. Dr. Hansjörg Dittus

  • German Aerospace Center DLR
    Institute of Space Systems
    Robert-Hooke-Str. 7, D-28359 Bremen

    Phone: (+49) (421) 24420-101

Major Research Interests concerning QUEST:

Gravitational Physics
Metrology / Inertial Sensors


10 most relevant publications:

  • H. Dittus
    Fundamental Physics (Chapter 11) in: Utilization of Space
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  • H. Dittus, C. Lämmerzahl
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  • C. Lämmerzahl, I. Ciufolini, H. Dittus, L. Iorio, H. Müller, A. Peters, E. Samain, S. Scheithauer, S. Schiller
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  • C. Lämmerzahl, H. Dittus
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  • W. Vodel, H. Dittus, S. Nietzsche, H. Koch, J. v. Zameck Glyscinski, R. Neubert, S. Lochmann, C. Mehls
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